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This section is meant to present some interesting aspects of our oceans:

What is the size and depth of the oceans?

What is the temperature and salinity? Where does the salt in the sea come from?

What are the main currents around southern Africa? Did you know the Agulhas Current is one of the largest currents in the world?

There are examples of some oceanographic careers, and what inspired the scientists in those jobs. There is a list of southern African marine organisations, to give you some idea of potential employers.

There are examples of some research vessels that are used around Southern Africa, and the equipment they use. We have included some pictures of satellites, and their data.

You can see some graphs of temperature and salinity that oceanographers use on a regular basis.

Follow this link to find out more....

However, if you (still) have requirements for other types of information, or you have questions about oceanography as a career, or comments, or if you would like interesting topics to use as a project at school, please send an e-mail to (see also the Contact us button on the left)

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