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Datasets submitted after 01 March 2019 can be found in the Marine Information Management System and datasets submitted before March 2019 can be found through the SADCO Online Inventory.

On-line Inventory

SADCO keeps an on-line inventory of all surveys and cruises (where subsurface data was collected) in its target area. Inventory entries are for data sets in SADCO as well as data sets not in SADCO. This inventory is searchable according to:

  Cruises (including ARGO floats)

  • the vessel
  • principal scientist
  • date of the cruise
  • project name
  • area
  • the loading number (referred to as the SurveyID)
  • institute

  Current meter deployments

  • Date
  • Location

  UTR (underwater temperature recorder) deployments

  • Date
  • Location

  Automatic weather stations

  • Date
  • Location

  Wave Stations

  • Date
  • Location

For each cruise, information is provided on the number of stations, number of observations, data types, a station chart, as well as an assessment of the data quality

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